The Skincare Commandments That You Should Have As Soon As Possible

The Skincare Commandments That You Should Have As Soon As Possible – Your early 20s is a special time in your life to learn tons of new things about yourself, including self-caring. One of the best ways to care for yourself is by using the right skincare. It is because around 25 your body collagen and elastin production dip off significantly. With this in mind, you need to choose the best product and treatment for your skin. Here is the recommendation skincare for you.

The Skincare Commandments That You Should Have As Soon As Possible

  1. Cleansing Properly

Removing makeup before bed is paramount to the health of your skin. Unfortunately, it is not enough to wipe across your face and call it at night without a proper cleanse. Use a double cleanser that comes with oil-based ingredients followed by water-based products. Each night you should not allow sweat, makeup, oil, pollution, and SPF, to burrow deep in your face if you use a double cleanser.

  1. Sun Protection

Whether you are in the cold or hot season, protecting your skin from UVB or UVA rays daily is non-negotiable. Sun protection must-have item recommendation skincare for you across all ages, especially in your 20s. Even though the goal of sun protection isn’t to keep you young forever, 90% of premature signs of aging are caused by ineffectively keeping your skin from sun exposure.

Other negative side effects of sunbathing are the darkening of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and lead to skin cancer. Also, be mindful of sun exposure throughout the day by using sunscreen, wearing a cardigan, a loose cap to cover your face when walking to the subway, and carrying a sun umbrella with you to outdoor events.

  1. Toner

There are a wide variety of products that are targeted to treat oily, acne-prone, and combination skin that still contains harsh physical exfoliates ingredients. However, it can lead to starch and tear at the surface of your skin. Instead of paying for a product that causes more harm than good, the recommendation skincare for you should consist of exfoliating acids and serums that help your daily care routine.

Acid skincare helps to dissolve the bonds between dry skin and dead skin or damaged skin. Meanwhile, some acids are humectants that help skin combat oiliness and vital moisture. In case you are struggling with acne in your 20s, combine the use of salicylic acid-based cleansers into a few days. Then, follow up your skincare with a niacinamide serum at night to treat your acne problem.

  1. Serum

The 20s is a perfect time to start focusing on preventative skincare products to make your skin stay healthy. The best way to ensure your complexion by using a serum that contains vitamins A. This recommendation skincare for you can make the skin healthier. However, for best results, use it regularly and choose the proper ingredient that is suitable for your skin.

All in all, to keep your skin healthier and bright, use proper skincare in your daily routine. It is beneficial for your skin in your 20s and prevents some skin problems. Therefore, use a double cleanser daily combined with a decent toner. Then, you need to preserve your skin health by using sunscreen and serum with suitable ingredients depending on your skin type.

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