Five Types of MUA That You Should Know – Makeup has evolved in the beauty industry from an art medium to a form of artistic expression. There are several types of make up artis (MUA) who specialize in different fields or create the beauty appeal for certain kinds of clients. Each type of MUA has unique skills in creating beautiful looks. In case you are interested in this information, here are 5 types of MUA that you should know.

Five Types of MUA That You Should Know

  1. Wedding Makeup

wedding makeup

One of the makeup types that is commonly used is the wedding industry. This type offers makeup services to bridal and brides parties. You will need to be able to work one-on-one with brides to create a special appeal that fits the theme of their personal preferences. Also, this type of makeup career requires specific dates and times for consultation before the day.

  1. Fashion Makeup

Fashion Makeup

The application of makeup is polishing human facial and bodily to make the special look. Some make up artis considers their skill worthy of being exhibited in the world of fashion. To stay on top in high fashion, these artists create the masterpiece through their skills. Whether behind the runway show, studios, or photography, this type of MUA needs a special technique in makeup.

  1. Face and Body Painting Makeup
Body Painting
Nicole Guerriero

Art can use anything as a medium, including the human body. Face and body painting specialists can design paint in any range from clowns to child form face painting. This type of special effects artist forms fantastical, dreamlike, and excellent looks right on the human body through the use of paint and makeup. The form of body and face painting art makeup, including body paints, hand arts, etc.

  1. Cinematic Makeup Purposes
Cinematic Makeup

The artists who work in the cinematic field of beauty create makeup looks for films and televisions. On the television side, make up artis can work on television shows doing the makeup of actors and actresses or can work in the news world. They will do the makeup of on-air anchors based on the sets that the anchors take part in.

To work in this field, MUA needs mixed skills, including basic skills to make the everyday looks. Not only have that, but MUA also needs FX makeup skills to create a different look. Also, there is MUA that works on shows or films that include fantasy, sci-fi, or horror elements to give the overall aesthetic looks that match well in the movie.

  1. Beauty Brands
brand beauty

Numerous big cosmetic brands have several make up artis as staffs that can display the potential and strength of their products. These artists start their careers at department store counters to show off and promote specific products. This position gives the experience and platform required to build the experience they need to go further in the industry.

All in all, there are five categories of MUA that you need to know. The most common MUA is a wedding to make the appearances of the bride, depending on the themes of celebration. Then, a beauty brand MUA’s purpose is promoting specific products. Meanwhile, face and body painting design paint in any ranging- form uses special skills.

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