5 Trendy Female Artist That Has Unique and Eccentric Style

5 Trendy Female Artist That Has Unique and Eccentric Style- Fashion is part of art that plays a big role in shaping people’s appearance. For these reasons, many female artists use specific styles to make their unique and eccentric fashion of art. These fashionable artis have stronger impressions to create new icons out themselves. In case you want to know more information about the most stylish female artists, here is the list that might inspire you.

5 Trendy Female Artist That Has Unique and Eccentric Style

  1. Tomy Gum

A young artist from Cape Town who likes to explore in the early 20s is Tomy Gum. For these reasons, she was nominated by Vogue as the coolest girl in Cape Town. She shares all about her daily style in her social media account, especially Instagram. Commonly, she uses the feature of Instagram feed with a bright style and color palette.

Not only that, like other cool kids, she mostly appears on social media by wearing sportswear and all-black streetwear pieces. This style has become her characteristic to show her fashion. With this in mind, numerous top brands admire Tomy Gum to promote sportswear. These fashionable artis are consistent with the aesthetic and composition of the bold or eccentric palette clothes.

  1. Guan Xiao

Guan Xiao is popular for cryptic mixed media artwork that addresses her cultural background from the past in this modern era. The girl that is currently based in Beijing, represents her style in a unique way. She mostly uses monochromatic colors in practical and simple cuttings with less makeup. Then, she also uses the large silver hoop earrings with tied black hair to complete the look.

  1. Miya Ando

Being raised in a different cultural background makes Miya Ando have a bizarre style. This half-Russian-American and half Japanese artist is based in New York. She is known for creating a lot of abstract paint with tone gradation that combines with metals. These fashionable artis artworks might seem a little bit mysterious through her fashion. She mostly uses all-black pieces and tall boots.

  1. Olivia Locher

The beautiful stylish female artist Olivia Locher uses different ways to represent her style. She does work in a very unique way by using a sarcastic approach. Besides that, she also uses different colors, concepts, and background. It can be recognized through her vintage pieces, casual and comfortable sneakers, and long sleeves with unusual designs.

  1. Andrea Mary Marshall

Andrea Mary Marshall is one of the sensual and passionate female artists. She combines fashion, boldness, stylish props, and posture as her icons. Black is one of the main colors that this fashionable artist wears to represent the way of sexy. Like how she wears motorcycle jackets and vintage boots style. For these reasons, she is worthy of being one of the best dressed female artists.

In conclusion, the artwork has always become an essential part of a woman artist. Whether for a daily appearance or self-portrait, numerous females have creative approaches through their outfits. Some women artists use her style as a protest or sarcasm, like Olivia Locher. However, the rest of them use fashion to represent her expressions, such as Andrea Mary Marshall, Miya Ando, Guan Xiao, and Tomy Gum.

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