A new year is closing, meaning that a new era of fashion is on the horizon. In 2020 is a fresh slate for designers to develop continuously from 90s nostalgia and explore sustainability. You don’t need to throw away your old clothes, since the 2020 tren fashion is back in the late 70 to 90s. In case you want to know the fashion directions in 2020, here are further explanations!

Fashion Trends in 2020 That You Should Try As Soon As Possible

  1. Satin

One of the trends in fashion that may be ready to part with streetwear is the rise of satin. This fabric is making a play for a lot of brands to create a new style, such as jumpsuits, cargo pants, and culottes. Meanwhile, men brands using satin to make coats and trousers. The result is a lounge effect that looks impressive with sneakers.

  1. Seventies Style

With the seventies serving as a baseline in 2020 trends, it will make the fashion in this year change rapidly. At Celine, as the most influential tren fashion collection for 2020, they made denim the central focus and gave the strong ’70 references with bleached flare jeans. Not only have that, but embroidered denim shorts also become an additional touch in this fashion.

  1. Color Denim and Upcycled Denim

Color continues to draw millennial consumers to become the trends. One of the most commercial ways for designers to approach the trend is colored denim. The shade options are approaching in the monochromatic looks. According to Balmain designer, Olivier Rousteing introduced bold pops of cobalt blue, yellow pink, and green with cropped and belted jean jackets.

With initiatives like Ellen MacArthur’s The Jean designers, upcycled denim will enter the fray across all tiers of fashion. Thus, the design is an accessible way for designer … Read the rest

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